Main Shut Off Valve

Properties have two main shut off valves. One is for Water the other is for Gas. In case of an emergency these valves need to be operational to prevent water damage and flooding, or possible explosion due to a gas leak.

Irrigation Service
Irrigation service is the line that branches from the main water service. It is also known as the sprinkler system. Which includes
  • Main shut off valve
  • Timer valves
  • Sprinkler heads
Outside Water Service
Outside water service includes lines form water meter to the front of existing building or garage where Shut off should be located.

Caution!! Once the gas is shut off at the meter, DON'T try to turn it back on.
Only a certified gas technician can turn the gas on safely.
Call us - or any qualified gas fitter to restore the gas service.
If You Smell Gas...Call.. Missouri Gas Energy MGE